About Me

Why coffee cutters?

Distant memories, but so close from that multicolor world filled with laughs and sorrow, rustic houses, sun-dried brick walls cracked by the time which I shared, among the crowd; wandering the coffee plantations with hope.

This is part of the content of my work, scenes teared from from the though real life of the coffee cutters, portraying them in my daily art, as a witness.

Edmundo Otoniel

The Story

He was born in 1950 in La Libertad, El Salvador; and even though he had to work with the family as a coffee cutter at an early age, he always demonstrated a strong passion for the art, which he was always to apply professional once he moved to the capital.

Otoniel considers himself an self-learner, but that did not stop him to improve his knowledge by studying in countries like Costa Rica and Venezuela.

From 1985 to 2014, he has participated in more than 100 individual and collective event in art galleries around the world in the whole Central America and countries like United States, Mexico, Colombia, Taiwan, Germany, Israel, among others.

Being an embassador of the Salvadorean art worldwide, Otoniel received and award by the Government of El Salvador to name it Distinguished Salvadorean Artist, recognizing his outstanding artistic career, title given in 2008.

From now on

Otoniel and his art have evolved accross the time, but its basics remain, art paintings which present scenes filled with color, and different emotions where the people, the nature, fauna and flora are the center of his message. A message to consciousness.